The Beginning of Anxiety

Anxiety. the sudden feeling of nervousness and uneasiness. that’s the way I understood anxiety, there are lots of articles about how to deal with Anxiety and this is not one of them. Most of us already gained the information that we needed to know what is Anxiety all about and for sure you don’t need another one to pile up  the information up to the ceiling. But have you ever wondered how does a person with Anxiety felt?

Social Anxiety. I have it. I am not comfortable in most crowded places. eversince I was a kid I have that “shyness” in me, growing up I would join different stage contests, solo and in group, and im doing well. But everything changed when I have to move continent to another continent. The culture was different, there’s a lot of adjustments for sure and I made myself more distant to what I usually loved doing which is “Socializing”. thinking that whatever I would say may not be okay for them or being conscious at what im doing stresses me out because I want to give good impressions, I was so hard to myself that later on I was overthinking stuffs which Im not aware of doing until lately. These People that surrounds me doesn’t do anything to me, it was me who have my own demons inside. Have you been to a pub with other people on the same table, you’re doing great all along then suddenly you got nervous and started being uneasy. TERRIBLE. It is the most terrible feeling I’ve ever had so far.

It is not easy. Everybody have Anxiety, it just depends on how you handle it that’s why there are a lots of “how-to” in social media. but sometimes, a person who have anxiety just needed a good ear to vent out, that’s all it is.

Hang Loose |Movietone Files


This Shot was taken in Capilano Bridge in Vancouver BC dated on February 24th 2017. It was a fun filled day as i could remember, i have never laughed that much for so long. I dont have fear of heights, conquered it long time ago and since then i was able to be in the highest depth as much as i possibly without any tight stomach feeling. The bridge itself is just a support, a great reminder that conquering ones fear is just a matter of holding on and believing to yourself.

Leaving the Dream

Did i spelt the Blog Title wrong? No. I left Vancouver early morning of February 28th, its a major heartbreak. In a week that we’ve been wandering around the city it gave me a reason why travelling is something that actually matters. I have never felt this bad in such a long time, thats how happy and contented i am until i decided to leave Vancouver. It is different, the city is just something that i couldn’t forget, the nights and the days that was filled with joy and laughter, the people that you have randomly been talking for the past few hours in the pub, the german guy that you were spending the dance floor with, and the people that went crazy with you during the whole trip. I would say it is hard to let the idea go and slip it out, its not that easy. I told you, i get attached to things that easily just like a snap and im gone.

Vancouver Invasion!! 

And it has been a living dream to be here in Vancity. From what i have heard from people in this city it is cool to call the place Vancity short for Vancouver City and ofcourse it is my pleasure to introduce it that way in my blog. We drove for 12 hours, flew for an hour and we are finally here, it is worth it!! The last time i was here was two years ago and damn nothing has changed. Though during back then we stayed up north vancouver so we have to take trains, this time we have to walk, which is very tiring but fun and you get to learn a lot including familiarizing the streets. So far, we went to Museum of Vancouver which looks just amazing as i expected it to be, you get to see a lot. We also went this morning at the Revolving Restaurant, in that same building they also offer Lookout where you can see vancouver in 360 degrees view thousands of feets up away.


The bus rides are fun too. If you are just looking for a ride just around downtown or maybe across the bridge on the other side, meaning outside downtown, its impossible to get lost, people are just too accomodating you ask a question and they’ll answer you straight, unless you asked a drunk person, it wouldn’t even look you in the eye. But anyways, what more can Vancouver offer us?? Or give us?? I know there’s a lot, i keep on exploring and looking fornthings to do before our time runs out. Any suggestions guys?? ??

Travel Packing 101 for Light Luggage








2 days before the trip and I just packed my things. This is going to be a Good One.

Packed my suitcase and I was rummaging my closet, had to do laundry, have to find some other things, that feeling when you’re cramming during the exams, that is exactly how I feel when I packed. I will be showing to you NOT what’s inside my suitcase BUT how i put my stuff in my suitcase and how i tried to make it look as if it is Tidy.

Here’s a little peak of my closet. i know. it is crazy messy!! and i don’t have anybody to blame but myself. i don’t know what kind of outfit should i put in my suitcase so i had pretty much everything thrown on the floor and spend some time thinking whether to bring it or not.





and so you realize that the outfit that you are thinking of bringing is not in your close because it is still in the dryer. oh. isn’t that lovely?? i even bought some new tops for my trip this time and i couldn’t even remember where i put them. this is like a brain twister.





I Packed my stuff by having my daytime clothes on the right side which is going to be the back of the suitcase if you close it. and on the left side is going to be your night time clothes like your pajamas and shirts, and ofcourse if you’re planning on going night out during your trip, you gotta bring dresses girl! so you better put them all together, then zip it up, it’s going to be the front part of your suitcase. for your underwear, make sure you put it in a separate bag, and then just put it on the top part. and in case you are wondering where i put my extra shoes, i have a backpack. YES I HAVE A BACKPACK. i exaggerate this part because not all travellers love to bring backpacks with them but i do.

just a regular backpack is fine. what i put in there is my extra shoes or boots, make sure to put it in a separate bag as well so you wont have dirt inside your bag, my Technologies such as my Go Pro, Phone Charger, and iPad. i also bring some meds just incase, like Advil, Claritin and Tums for acidity cos i get that a lot. i love this bag so much! i bought this last summer when i went to Victoria. i overbought books, so i have to buy extra bag so i could bring this home, that’s how i got Roxy.




All in All, the way you pack your stuff totally depends on you. how you want it organized and how tidy do you want it to be. im not usually very particular when it comes to packing but lately I’ve been finding it more easier if i do it organized. i will be out for a week, we are going to see concert and night outs, parties and different kinds of shenanigans and fun. i like that i always share something to you guys so this time i’ll jot down my Packing Checklist:

*2 pairs of pants/leggings

*7 different tops for each day

* 1 pair of shoes (travel light)

*2 or 3 pairs of pajamas

*3 dresses for night out or any formal dinner you’re planning

* underwearsssss(seriously a lot of them, just in case)

* Technologies

* slippers (optional, some hotels don’t have this.)

* Meds

* and lastly, try not to forget your plane tickets, concert tickets, train tickets etc.

                                                      TRAVEL SAFE! xoxo.


A Valentines Advice 


I know it my seem odd but im single this valentines and yet i have the bestest courage to give love advice on VDay. Well heck yeah! Who else do you think would give you one? But a single Lady who’s been listening to the same Story over and over again. 

Bitter. That is how you call a person who is not an Anti-Lover but a person who just have their eyes open when he or she is in Relationship. They see all the flaws and all the rights and wrong.  Am i a “Bitter” person?? Maybe, i somehow consider myself one of them, there’s nothing wrong with being into a group where you feel you belong. Lol. But this Blog entry is meant for Advices,  i am single for a long time but i listened to couples who have problems of being in a relationship, different couples the same problems being played in my ear over and over again. I am not a love guru, psychologist, love doctor, it just happens that they come to me as if im a diary. Don’t get me wrong, i dont mind at all, its just that i realized that this people are wasting so much time living their lives in such chaos. Im Glad im over it.


To start off, it is always good to satisfy a woman, give effort, give time, give space and love. But girls, do you mind giving the same thing to your man? Satisfy them as much as they satisfy you. A Relationship is not just a one side thing where there’s only one responsible person in it, NO! There’s two of you so both of you better work.

Secondly, a Relationship is a Commitment, it is not just a one time thing where you pretend you’re taken today and then one day you decided you’re better off alone. Relationship should be thought a million times before emerging into it. This generation, its hard to find a relationship that is real, how can you say a 13-year-old couple can stay for a lifetime? There’s like 5% possibility, yeah, but still!! They are more of fooling around, its like your Lotto Ticket, there is no chance of winning.

Lastly, about Cheating. Oh My God! How many times do you have to get your man or lady caught before you decide of leaving them?. Like seriously? Are you waiting for the time that they’ll come right at you while the 3 of you are in the same bed? Please! Dont come running to me, crying because your partner who you’ve been caught cheating multiple times and you’ve been forgiving million times caught Off-Guard for the Billionth time and say “But i love him”. F*ck that. Just like i said earlier relationship is not a one sided thing it takes two people to make it work. If the other refuses to move whats the point of going along with them? Might as well turn your back and head forward with your chin and pride up. Girl, you re worth every single diamonds.

I may be sound violent but in real life, im definitely not. ?

It’s getting Near!! |DailyBlog

I would say it has been weeks since the last time I did a Blog entry. I was busy the whole time, and I had to keep my mind focus to one thing at a time. and I seriously missed writing, so much!

1 week from now I will be in Vancouver, ask me if I have packed yet, NOPE! ask me if I know what should I bring, NOPE! I haven’t even done my laundry yet, I think its part of adulthood that you just have to consider excuses from the very small things because you are having a hard time balancing between surviving life and Laundry stuff, it’s an epic journey im telling yah!! I haven’t even called the airport yet about leaving my vehicle there for a week, I know I have to pay for it, but its my first time leaving my vehicle in that city so I really don’t know what’s their rules about. the last time I went to BC (British Columbia) me and my Brother only have to drive for 5 hours to get into the airport, it is much smaller city than the ones that were going in to this time.

so what’s our plan when we get there? we literally don’t know. hahaha. well, we’re going to William Singe’s Concert which is pretty exciting, but the thing is were staying there for a week, so after the concert–since it’s only one night– we don’t have that much plans aside from getting lost in a subway going north Vancouver, eating at the revolving tower and science world?? so if somebody’s reading this that’s from downtown Vancouver, help us out! what are your suggestions guys?! hahaha.

The Trust Issues Game

Growing up, I know there might be something wrong with people that surrounds me. they are consist of different colors, personalities, they are actually crazy shapes. I felt different. But then these people have taught me stuff, like the normal ones. I gave in myself, I was too nice, I was all ready to give up the other side of the world, and then they left. TRUST ISSUES, its where it started.

Living in a world where there is only few people who have actual brains at work, its hard to trust. You can look in their eyes and they exactly tell you different story than what their filthy mouths say. isn’t it rude?? I find it offensive. i don’t know, it’s just probably me. how do i cope up with my Trust Issues? i took the positive side of it. having trust issues toward situations aren’t easy, you always doubt, and doubting is not a positive thing at all times. I always come to think of it as my Security. i always have to question ‘what if’ before actually speaking up. having a Trust Issues aren’t always bad, although it’s the outcome of your dark past, but you always have a choice, whether you deal with it positively or negatively.